Thursday, 30 October 2014

Thursday Night Beers

6.2 IPA by Broughton Ales
I had this on cask earlier tonight in my local Wetherspoons and was very impressed. Broughton Ales have always struck me as a more traditional ale brewery (sorry!), so to see this on the bar was a bit of a surprise.

Bursting with tropical fruit aroma and taste punctuated with a long, bitter finish that lingers for quite a while afterwards this is a very solid IPA. I felt that it could have done with a bit more hoppiness to balance the bitterness but apart from that it was fantastic. I'd love to try it on keg or in bottle. And it was only £1.49 a pint!

Criminales Fraudster by Box Steam Brewery
89p. That's all this beer cost. How good can it be for less than a pound?

The answer is not very. The aroma and taste is a very one dimensional malt character and there's absolutely no discernable hop character.

Drinkable enough for 89p and if I was a bit low on funds and wanting a session I'd consider it. (And then probably opt for homebrew.)

Ghost Ship by Adnams (Beer Bods)
This week's Beer Bods is an absolute classic. It really doesn't get much better than Ghost Ship. It really is an almost perfect beer. I say almost because I'm sure there is something that could be improved, there's no way I could find it though.

It pours a lovely dark orange colour, with a small head which quickly fades to leave just a dusting of bubbles on the top.

It has a rather restrained citrus fruit aroma, it's not in your face but lightly dusts your nostrils with memories of citrus.

The taste is very similar with the citrus fruit juiciness balancing the bitterness perfectly on top of just the right amount of body.

An utterly fantastic beer, words almost don't do it justice. I tried my best though!

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